An Naba <p><strong>Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Pendidikan Islam</strong></p> <p>An Naba merupakan Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Pendidikan Islam. Terbitan ini berisi artikel bidang ilmu Agama Islam yang berdasarkan pemahaman Ahlusunnah wal jama'ah yang diterbitkan persemester atau dua kali terbit dalam satu tahun pada bulan Mei dan November, termuat 5 Isseu dalam sekali terbit (Volume).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Darul Fattah en-US An Naba 2087-4642 Korelasi Antara Hafalan Al-Qur’an Dengan Nilai Muhadatsah Bahasa Arab <p>The background of this research is the alignment of students’ Arabic conversation scores with the score of memorizing the al-Qur’an, so that researchers are interest in knowing how closely the relationship between memorizing Al-Qur'an and score of Arabic conversation at STIT Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung. This research is a quantitative type, this research design uses a correlation design. This research was conducted at STIT Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung. The research sample consisted of 20 students consisting of class A in first semester, which were determined using purposive sampling technique. The instruments consist of interviews and documentation.The data analysis technique uses simple correlation analysis techniques. Based on the calculation of the correlation coefficient with a significant level of 5% and 1%. With r count&gt; r table or 0.717&gt; 0.468 / 0.590, thus Ha is accepted. This means that there is a positive relationship / correlation between memorizing the Qur'an and score of Arabic Conversation of 0.717. There is a positive relationship between memorizing Al-Qur'an and score of Arabic Conversation students class A in second semester STIT Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung. The level of relationship or correlation between memorizing Al-Qur'an and score of Arabic Conversation in class A in second STIT Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung is in the strong category.</p> Khairil Anwar Copyright (c) 2021 An Naba 2021-06-02 2021-06-02 4 1 69 81 10.51614/annaba.v4i1.78 Pembelajaran Dalam Jaringan (Daring) Mata Pelajaran PAI Siswa Kelas VIII SMP Qu’ran Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung Tahun Pelajaran 2020/2021 <p>This research was motivated by the covid-19 pandemic which makes the world of education, especially Indonesia innovate to do Arabic language learning that is implemented online. This study aims determine the effectiveness of inline learning on Arabic language subjects that include the response of students, parents and teachers as well as the difficulties encountered in the implementation of online learning at PAI subjects. The subject in this study is the students of class VIII SMP Qur’an Darul Fattah Bandar Lampung with a total of 36 students. The research method used is descriptive qualitative, data collection techniques are carried out using interview, questionnaires and documentation. The result of the interview and questionnaire distribution was that 75% of parents agreed that online learning was not effectively applied in learning and 50% of parents are dissatisfied with online learning. 69% of students think face-to-face learning is more effective than online learning and ranges from about 50% above who do not like changes in the implementation of learning, while teachers argue that online learning is less effective in applying Arabic language learning because students have difficulty understanding lessons. The biggest difficulty experienced by many types of respondents is the inadequate internet network.</p> Langgeng Sutopo Copyright (c) 2021 An Naba 2021-06-02 2021-06-02 4 1 58 68 10.51614/annaba.v4i1.83 Penerapan Metode Demontrasi dalam Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) Siswa Kelas XI SMA Negeri 1 Metro TA 2019/2020 <p>Problems in the implementation of learning cause students' learning outcomes are not good. As for example, the implementation of learning is still centered on the teacher, is conventional by using the lecture system in full, the emphasis is not on facts and information, but rather emphasizes on memorization, attaches more importance to the content than the process, and is less directed at meaningful and functional learning for the lives of students. The learning process that does not involve students in the real world and does not realize interaction between students, making it less interesting, boring, students become passive, as a result of which students can not master the material well. To overcome all of that, researchers applied new media as a way to increase students' learning interest, namely by using demonstration methods. The issue was discussed through class action research conducted through two cycles. Research data obtained through observation in the classroom and documentation of the results of actions taken as well as data from class teachers. From the results of the study obtained an increase in each cycle, namely on the increase in the average grade of students in the pre-cycle is 66.77 in cycle I: 75.00 and 80.00 in cycle II. The percentage of students' learning completion also increased, namely 62.06% in pre-cycle, 79.31% in cycle I, and 100% in cycle II. Thus, the increase in learning completion from pre-cycle to cycle I after improvement was 17.25%, and increased from cycle I to cycle II by 20.69%.</p> Nurhasim Copyright (c) 2021 An Naba 2021-06-02 2021-06-02 4 1 46 57 10.51614/annaba.v4i1.82 Efektivitas Metode Langsung dalam Meningkatkan Keterampilan Berbicara Bahasa Arab <p>Arabic language which is a foreign language in Indonesia has now been studied in schools specifically based on Islamic religion. As an Arabic language subject certainly has indicators in a learning, one of them is SMP IT Al Farabi which wants to improve the ability to speak students by applying Direct Methods to learning in the classroom. Researchers collect data through observations, interviews, and documentation. The results of the data are then analyzed qualitatively. From the results of the research that has been carried out it was found that learning Arabic by applying Direct Methods can improve students' language skills especially on students' speaking skills, in addition students' interest and motivation increases. This is evidenced by the increasing value and activity of students during the Learning Process of Arabic using Direct Method.</p> Muhammad Zaky Sya'bani Copyright (c) 2021 An Naba 2021-06-02 2021-06-02 4 1 38 45 10.51614/annaba.v4i1.81 Naskah Kajian al-Aqsha <p>For 15 centuries al-Quds was under the auspices of Islam al-hanif which was peaceful, prosperous and prosperous, full of blessings. Today the facts show that on the contrary, there has been a storm of humanitarian storms, full of conflict, oppression, the slaughter of millions of innocent people who died, the expulsion and seizure of the Palestinian property takes place almost every day without stopping due to the cruelty and savagery of the Zionist entity. Then where is the blessing of al-Quds? How did that tyranny continue to happen on the earth of the prophets? In order to respond to this humanitarian problem, the author tries to trace using the Research library study to reveal facts based on the approach of the letter al-Isra verse one which is correlated with similar verses and sociological-anthropological empirical data. The results of the study prove that the meaning of barakah is a gift of Allah absolutely without the involvement of creatures and the law of cause and effect (causality) from human efforts optimally. The conclusion of the study shows that the term barakah is divided into three aspects, namely: <em>first</em>, security from disturbance by evil humans, the wild star, as isra Rasulullah's journey from Mecca to Palestine. <em>Second</em>, the fertility of nature such as a variety of fruits, vegetables, livestock, grows. <em>Third</em>, peace, which is obtained through the serious efforts of the Muslim community as a legal provision of causality which causes peace. The factors of hard work and maximum smart work are the parameters of Allah's grace in overcoming conflicts and fighting for the liberation of al-Quds, so that blessings in the sense of peace on the earth of the martyrs can be realized.</p> Sholehuddin L Copyright (c) 2021 An Naba 2021-05-28 2021-05-28 4 1 25 37 10.51614/annaba.v4i1.76