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Isim inna wa akhwatuha is in the form of zhohir or dhomir, and there is usually a form of mufrod, number, even number of shibh. In this surah, there are many arrangements of inna wa akhwatuha, approximately 28 sentences along with the isim and the khobar which some of Arabic learners find it difficult to distinguish between the types of isim and khobar but only know the deeds of inna wa akhwatuha. The formulation of the problem in this study are (1) What are the types of isim inna wa akhwatuha found in the Al-Quran Surat Ad-Dukhon? (2) What are the types of khobar of inna wa akhwatuha found in the Al-Quran Ad-Dukhon? While the purpose of this study is (1) To find out and describe the types of isim inna wa akhwatuha contained in the Al-Quran Surat Ad-Dukhon. (2) to describe the type of khobar inna wa akhwatuha contained in the Al-Quran Surat Ad-Dukhon. This research is a qualitative study. Researcher used library research design or often referred to as library research. The data in this study are isim and khobar inna wa akhwatuha in Al-Quran Surat Ad-Dukhon. The results of this study are to increase understanding of inna wa akwatuha and understand the interpretation of Surah Dukhon which is full of wisdom and learning in it.</p> Langgeng Sutopo Copyright (c) 2018 An Naba' Thu, 06 Feb 2020 04:03:39 +0700 METODE PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA ARAB DI MADRASAH TSANAWIYAH MATHAL’UL ANWAR SIDOWALUYO KALIANDA KABUPATEN LAMPUNT SELATAN <p>Madrasah Tsanawiyah Mathla'ul Anwar Sidowaluyo Kalianda is one of the formal institutions that provides Arabic learning facilities for their students. The Arabic learning method in MTs MA Sidowaluyo Kalianda will be examined there. The results showed that there was an increase in the average value of students and the percentage of students who got grades from 6 up with prior to conducting research, which are from the three cycles more than 50% of students got grades from 6 upwards and the average student in all three cycles, they are: cycle 1 is 6.6, cycle 2 is 6.6, and cycle 3 is 6.2, whereas before research is conducted the average student score is 4.8 and students who get grades from 6 upwards are less than 50 %.</p> Andi Saputra , Khairil Anwar Copyright (c) 2018 An Naba' Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:34:29 +0700 FIQH MASHALIHUL MURSALAH DALAM PERSPEKTIF MAQÂSHID SYARÎ’AH <p>Islam is a comprehensive and universal religion, because its teachings cover aspects of theology and humanism. Islam is not an arrogant / egocentric religion that only requires each adherent to glorify its creator, but furthermore Islam exists to lift human dignity and dignity. Various problems in Islam, Islam provides the best solution which is then translated through its shari'ah according to the masses and conditions in realizing the Shari'a and its laws as indicated in the Qur'an وماجعل عليكم في الدين من حرج (and He never made it for you in religion narrowness). In other words, Islam requires the creation of the benefit of all mankind without exception. The concept of maslahat becomes interesting for us to map because there are many wild understandings of this theory related to solving a law that is not interpreted by the Qur'an textually so that it raises pros and cons not only among contemporary intellectuals but, salaf scholars first was not free from debatable about the concept and fiqh of this benefit. To map the concept of maslahatul mursalah, of course we must explore in detail about one of these mukhtalaf (arguments argued) with a persuasive approach to many things that are questions from the theory of this problematic maslahatul. Does Islam accommodate the problem of this problem as mashodirut tasyri '(source of law), what is the object / target of the problem, how is the law practiced by using the problem of the problem and many more problems that we must explain so that it does not appear to be the problem that sets the context (maqasid) and leaving the text because it is often used as a shield by the privatization of Islam which reduces the texts of the Qur’an by resting on the concept of this benefit.</p> Nurkholis, Muhammad Wisnu Khumaidi, Muhammad Singgih Copyright (c) 2018 An Naba' Thu, 06 Feb 2020 02:38:25 +0700 KONSEP ANARKISME EPISTIMOLOGIS PAUL KARL FAYERABEND DALAM PENDIDIKAN ISLAM <p>Islamic education is a pillar of the scientific in embodying the values of Islamic teachings through education in the form of learning, knowledge, skills, and directing a person to be able to manage their lives through teaching, training, or research. Islamic education became the center of public attention while the theory components subjected to dismissal and stagnate in the development and management pattern. The times and the demands of the reorientation of education globally impacted on the paradigm shift of Islamic education to emphasise the value of critical transformative without leaving the transcendental values in practice. Paul Fayerabend Epistimologi anarchism is a driving force in improving the function of the theory of Islamic education pragmatically over the scope of his theories in the modernization of the current era, the theoretical concept is theoretical anarchism that is based with the historical reasons that the history of science is not only a charged facts and conclusions, but also uncharged ideas and interpretations of the facts themselves and the problems arising as a result of errors of interpretation as well as a movement of protest against the theoretical scientific methods that are considered capable of taking the whole object of research.</p> Prabowo Adi Widayat, Langgeng Sutopo, Ahmad Hadi Setiawan Copyright (c) 2019 An Naba' Mon, 20 May 2019 00:00:00 +0700 Analisis Kata Tanya (Adawat Istifham) Dalam Surat Ali Imran <p>Interpretation of adawat al-Istifham (question word) contained in Surah Ali-Imran and its relevance to qowaid al arobiyah is a discussion that is laden with meaning and purpose in the Qur'an. The i'jaz values that is never subsided studied by mufasirin salaf and kholaf to prove the miracle of the Qur’an in terms of language and letters. Inside theQur’an, it is not only implying the rules of nahwu and shorof but also has implications for law and interpretation. With the writing, we can find out the forms of usage as well as other meanings of each adawat al-Istifham (question word), and now it is still largely unknown. The results of this study proved the number and variety of meanings of adawat al-Istifham in the Al-Qur'an Surah Ali-Imran. The review used in this study is a syntactic review that explains the function and syntax of each adawat al-Istifham used in Surah Ali Imran.</p> Nurkholis, Muhammad Wisnu Khumaidi Copyright (c) 2019 An Naba' Mon, 20 May 2019 00:00:00 +0700