Analisis Kata Tanya (Adawat Istifham) Dalam Surat Ali Imran

Analisis Kata Tanya (Adawat Istifham) Dalam Surat Ali Imran

  • Nurkholis


Interpretation of adawat al-Istifham (question word) contained in Surah Ali-Imran and
its relevance to qowaid al arobiyah is a discussion that is laden with meaning and
purpose in the Qur'an. The i'jaz values that is never subsided studied by mufasirin salaf
and kholaf to prove the miracle of the Qur’an in terms of language and letters. Inside
theQur’an, it is not only implying the rules of nahwu and shorof but also has
implications for law and interpretation. With the writing, we can find out the forms of
usage as well as other meanings of each adawat al-Istifham (question word), and now it
is still largely unknown. The results of this study proved the number and variety of
meanings of adawat al-Istifham in the Al-Qur'an Surah Ali-Imran. The review used in
this study is a syntactic review that explains the function and syntax of each adawat alIstifham used in Surah Ali Imran.


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